Tropical Tiny Home - FAQ


Why wouldn’t I just buy a caravan?

Caravan question: Caravans could be the right option to purchase depending on your requirements… if you intend on travelling frequently with limited time in each location, and value manoeuvrability as a higher priority than livability, then caravans are probably your go-to.  We believe that our tiny homes are not directly competing against caravans but rather Granny flats, liveable sheds, and other smaller-scale dwellings, with the added benefit of wheels to move as need.

Can I change things from the plans you have?

Absolutely.  All our tiny homes are made to client specifications, and like a traditional building contract, you have the ability to modify/change as the build progresses if needed.

How do I get the tiny home to my land?

Tropical Tiny Homes have used local towing companies previously that we recommend.  Alternatively, if you have a capable vehicle and towing capacities, towing yourself could be an option.

Can you build the tiny for off the grid living?

Yes.  It is also a good idea prior to confirming the build/design to know what the requirements for services will be as this can have an impact on the design of the building.  Whether it is 12V instead of mains power or incorporating pumps instead of access to town water.  There is a solution for most scenarios.

How long does it take to build my tiny home?

A design similar to ones we have listed would take approx. 7 weeks from date trailer is ready to build on.  Trailers would typically take 4 weeks to be ready from the placement of  your order.  More complex builds will be a bit longer.

Can I get my tiny home registered?

Tiny homes can get registered if need be providing they are built within the road registration guidelines.

They could however just use a 24hour permit for towing when needed.

Do tiny homes suit everyone?

Definitely not… But we believe they are a great option and have a lot of benefits over other options in the class.

Are tiny homes better than shipping container homes or permanent Granny flat style dwellings?

Depends who you ask.  Different building styles have positives and negatives however I believe that overall the tiny homes on wheels offer more benefits.  Some of the advantages of the tiny house on wheels is the freedom of not being fixed in place and unable to move/remove if needed and the ability to easily on-sell if its purpose is no longer needed and have some financial recuperation.  Especially as we cannot see the future and often as situations change so do our housing requirements.

Would you use second hand materials in your builds?

The idea of using second-hand materials is very appealing to us considering the sustainability factor, providing the materials are fit for purpose.  Using second-hand materials CAN but won’t necessarily make the build cheaper – in some scenarios the labour component of using second-hand materials increases the cost of the build.

How or when do you think tiny homes are a great option?

Lifestyle blocks where living is predominantly outside (picture a big deck off to the side with lounge and BBQ,  veggie gardens a few meters away, no city noise) and the ability to spend more money upfront on the property of your dreams as the dwelling cost is less than a typical style house.

Young people getting into their own house sooner, potentially using it as a stepping stone towards their next dwelling

People wanting to downsize, and also spend less time and money maintaining/cleaning bigger houses

As a Granny flat or extra accommodation for relative, friend or potential income stream from Air B’n’B and similar room leasing sites.

  Instead of the liveable shed that goes in first on a lot of lifestyle properties prior to the house in a few years.  The tiny home gives you more creature comforts and the ability to move around to all those different house pad possibilities and really make that educated choice on the location/orientation of your dream home when it gets built. The Tiny could then become the Granny flat for you as it is easily moved or you could have the option to sell if no longer required and recoup some money.

Can I do some of the work to the tiny home?

Talk to us about completing to a lock-up stage only if you wished to complete the fit-out yourself.

Life is BIGGER in a tiny home